Piping Engineer Job Description at SKY ACCESS INTERNATIONAL

Piping Engineers are responsible for designing and building the piping systems that carry our water, gas, oil and waste. They are involved in every aspect of the creation of these piping systems. Piping Engineers first draw the blueprints for the system, and then they assist in selecting the materials that will be used to build the pipes and accompanying components.

The role of Piping Engineer is a supervisory role, so many employers prefer candidates with one to three years of experience. Their work environment is mostly an office setting but, depending on one’s industry, the job can involve surveying field locations. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for Civil Engineers, which includes Piping Engineers, is set to rise eight percent through 2024.

Piping Engineer Duties and Responsibilities at SKY ACCESS INTERNATIONAL

There are several duties that fall under the responsibility of Piping Engineers. The specific duties vary slightly depending upon industry. With that being said, the following duties are the ones that popped up most frequently in our analysis of Piping Engineer job descriptions.

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