Rigger Duties and Responsibilities at SKY ACCESS INTERNATIONAL

-* Ensure that both the rigger and Crane Operator is familiar with the method of signaling to be used
-* Always use clear and distinct signals (either by hand or radio) to control lifting operations. In poor light conditions ALL hand signals shall be exaggerated
-* Be aware of the wing speed and direction
-* Ensure that NO load is to be lifted where the weight is not stated or unknown
-* Be familiar with the lifting capabilities of the crane
-* Check that the lifting equipment being used is in good condition, certified for use correctly colour coded, and of sufficient capacity to carry out the lift
-* Ensure Taglines are always attached to loads that are likely to swing
-* Be aware of any obstructions within the crane radius and working area
-* Check that the area around the load to be lifted is clear and that the load is not attached to the floor, transportation cradle or adjacent equipment
-* Ensure that the escape route is identified
-* No personnel are below the load whilst lifting is in progress
-* Ensure all hands are free of lifting tackle and stand clear before the load strain is taken
-* Clearly indicate to the Crane Operator where the load has to be moved/ placed and,where possible, he should follow each load to its destination
-* Warn other personnel in the area of the movement of the load
-* Observe & note other activities within the cranes operating area to avoid the development of any unforeseen hazards.
-* When lifting a load, stop the load just clear of the ground to check security and balance of the load, and check the proper function of the crane’s hoist brakes
-* Stop the lifting operation if anything out of the ordinary occurs and check that it is safe to continue the operation
-* Solely direct the lifting and loading activities and operations.
-* Use Hand Signals in accordance with the recommendations of British Standard BS7121

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