Sand Blasting


Operates a sandblast machine to remove markings from streets and curbs or to clean metal, concrete, wood, and other surfaces for repair or painting; may operate a portable air compressor up to 600 cfm capacity; and does related work.

Distinguishing Features : A Sandblast Operator sandblasts the surfaces of a variety of objects and may act as a lead over a small number of helpers. The work is repetitive and routine, and supervision is received through inspection of the quantity and quality of work done. An employee of this class frequently works under unpleasant conditions, being required to wear heavy and uncomfortable protective clothing and masks and to encounter a great deal of dust.

Examples of Duties : Operates a sandblast machine to remove paint, scale, grease, tar, rust, corrosion, and foreign objects from the surfaces of metal, concrete, stucco, masonry, and wooden objects, structures, streets, curbs, fenders, piles, bridges, and docks to prepare them for repair or painting;

May operate a steam cleaner to remove sludge, oil, and grease from the surface of metals and concrete prior to sandblasting; maintains hoses and nozzles and cleans, oils, adjusts, and makes minor repairs to sandblast machines and portable air compressors; enforces safety precautions incident to outdoor sandblasting; assists in erecting scaffolding and staging needed in sandblasting operations; orders sand, cement, and other materials as needed; keeps routine records and makes work reports; and may occasionally be assigned to other duties for training purposes or to meet technological changes or emergencies.

Qualifications : A working knowledge of manual and automatic sand and grit blasting machines, materials, processes, and practices; a working
knowledge of safety devices necessary for outdoor sandblasting including street sandblasting; a working knowledge of the hazards to health encountered and the protective devices used in sandblasting streets and other surfaces; a general knowledge of the operation and routine maintenance of portable and towable air compressors up to 600 cfm; the ability to do grit or sandblasting; the ability to work on scaffolding, staging, and ladders; the ability to understand and follow oral and written instructions and maps; and the ability to keep routine records and make work reports.

License : A valid California Class 2 driver’s license is required for
some positions.

Physical Requirement : Strength to perform average lifting up to 25 pounds and occasionally over 70 pounds; and good eyesight.

Persons with medical limitations may, with reasonable accommodations, be capable of performing the duties of some of the positions in this class. Such determination must be made on an individual basis in light of the person’s limitations, the requirements of the position,and the appointing authority’s ability to effect reasonable accommodations to the person’s limitations.

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